Stream Annual Report

An annual report for the fictitious streaming service "Stream."



Tools Used

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator


March - April 2019
(8 weeks)

Stream is a streaming service that is based off of Netflix. This annual report celebrates the successful year of growth for the company while also informing the audience about the financial choices they made during the year.
Classic annual reports fall flat because they focus solely on the data instead of the way that they are presented. Audiences without an established financial knowledge background might have trouble understanding the content of an annual report because of the lack of clear, comprehendible information.
How do you make an annual report more engaging for an “everyday” audience?
I felt that if I created a clear narrative that led the audience through the successes of the company through the report it would make the reader want to continue to flip through the annual report. I decided to start the report with bold text to show off the bold developments that the company made during that fiscal year. I included an infographic in order to present the global expansion of the company.I incorporated the branding of the company into the report to help develop a stronger corporate identity. The Stream Annual report is designed for an audience of young investors; it uses informal language and visuals to attract anew generation of investors.
I began by deciding what type of company I wanted to base my annual report on. After deciding that I wanted to focus on companies that provided streaming services I started to research the similarities and differences in the annual reports that these companies put out.
I was challenged with creating a fictitious company with its own branding identity for this project. Basing the names of the company off of the concept of “streaming”entertainment, I played around with different mood boards and typographic identities.
Using the moodboards that I created and the typographic choices that I made I created illustrations that followed the same clean, geometric, and rounded look of the type. I also began planning out the different layouts of page spreads and the order of the contents.
I also planned out how I wanted to present the qualitative and quantitative research by planning out possible infographic layouts.
After finalizing the smaller details, I compiled all the pages together and bound them.
Working on this project challenged me to work on my typesetting abilities. I was faced with large bodies of text and I felt that this project gave me a chance to work on my grid based skills. I really enjoyed the challenge of creating a new brand identity for the company and would like to explore the concepts more through a wider range of deliverables, for example a mock website or an app, in the future. My favourite part of this project was creating the infographic for the beginning and if I had more time I would have wanted to create more visual storytelling elements for the annual report.
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